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19 Fix STATE value in fsm. Less slices homer.hsing 994d 05h /tiny_tate_bilinear_pairing/trunk/
18 Support group size 697 bits, is 128 bit security homer.hsing 994d 17h /tiny_tate_bilinear_pairing/trunk/
17 Not check pairing input (xp,yp,xq,yq) after done pairing homer.hsing 995d 17h /tiny_tate_bilinear_pairing/trunk/
16 Update constraint file homer.hsing 1012d 03h /tiny_tate_bilinear_pairing/trunk/
15 Released under Apache License v2.0 homer.hsing 1026d 02h /tiny_tate_bilinear_pairing/trunk/
14 update testcase for low secure core homer.hsing 1136d 17h /tiny_tate_bilinear_pairing/trunk/
13 write document for the high security core homer.hsing 1137d 03h /tiny_tate_bilinear_pairing/trunk/
12 silent Modelsim warning homer.hsing 1137d 17h /tiny_tate_bilinear_pairing/trunk/
11 more secure core, group size is 911 bits homer.hsing 1137d 17h /tiny_tate_bilinear_pairing/trunk/
10 put original core inside "group_size_is_151_bits" directory homer.hsing 1137d 23h /tiny_tate_bilinear_pairing/trunk/
9 Source of citation homer.hsing 1189d 04h /tiny_tate_bilinear_pairing/trunk/
8 specification/document homer.hsing 1192d 21h /tiny_tate_bilinear_pairing/trunk/
7 simulation script homer.hsing 1192d 22h /tiny_tate_bilinear_pairing/trunk/
6 fix quartus warning homer.hsing 1192d 23h /tiny_tate_bilinear_pairing/trunk/
5 nice test bench, nice! homer.hsing 1193d 03h /tiny_tate_bilinear_pairing/trunk/
4 post-translation simulation passed. Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! homer.hsing 1194d 02h /tiny_tate_bilinear_pairing/trunk/
3 rtl and testbench are all finished, Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! homer.hsing 1194d 14h /tiny_tate_bilinear_pairing/trunk/
2 RTL code homer.hsing 1198d 04h /tiny_tate_bilinear_pairing/trunk/
1 The project and the structure was created root 1202d 17h /tiny_tate_bilinear_pairing/trunk/

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