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17 Updated variable type of 'size' field in
'sata_dev' struct from int to unsigned long long.
bhuang2 933d 13h /sata_controller_core/
16 Changed SATA_MINOR from 2 to 16. bhuang2 935d 20h /sata_controller_core/
15 Updated the configuration file for correct
control register mapping.

bhuang2 940d 21h /sata_controller_core/
14 Initial upload of block device driver for SATA core.

Write a README file about how to build this device
driver, testing methodology, etc.

Bin Huang
bhuang2 1119d 14h /sata_controller_core/
13 bug fix ashwin_mendon 1234d 20h /sata_controller_core/
12 ashwin_mendon 1246d 15h /sata_controller_core/
11 added base_system ashwin_mendon 1261d 00h /sata_controller_core/
10 ashwin_mendon 1263d 21h /sata_controller_core/
9 ashwin_mendon 1275d 17h /sata_controller_core/
8 ashwin_mendon 1275d 17h /sata_controller_core/
7 corrected ashwin_mendon 1276d 21h /sata_controller_core/
6 placeholders for PLB and driver directories rsass 1309d 23h /sata_controller_core/
5 put sata core with locallink interface in sata2_fifo dir rsass 1309d 23h /sata_controller_core/
4 Starting to reorganize for additional cores/source rsass 1309d 23h /sata_controller_core/
3 cleaned code ashwin_mendon 1316d 14h /sata_controller_core/
2 Added Source Files ashwin_mendon 1323d 16h /sata_controller_core/
1 The project and the structure was created root 1359d 23h /sata_controller_core/

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