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257 Some connections needed to make sign switcheroo works jguarin2002 1201d 10h /raytrac/branches/
256 Sign switcheroo added: a tweek to calculate the distance from observer to sphere impact point jguarin2002 1201d 10h /raytrac/branches/
255 Documento Final con primeros resultados de desempeño jguarin2002 1219d 15h /raytrac/branches/
254 ... jguarin2002 1222d 10h /raytrac/branches/
253 .... jguarin2002 1222d 10h /raytrac/branches/
252 Performance Results on the Raytrac jguarin2002 1223d 14h /raytrac/branches/
251 Es claro.... jguarin2002 1223d 14h /raytrac/branches/
250 Design changed..... doubts about OS using jguarin2002 1223d 14h /raytrac/branches/
249 Using a register as a 66.5 MHZ timer counter jguarin2002 1226d 05h /raytrac/branches/
248 Corrected an error on the normal jguarin2002 1234d 11h /raytrac/branches/
247 Advance in application... but some normalization problems had popped up jguarin2002 1235d 03h /raytrac/branches/
246 framework for conditional and accumulative operations DESCRIBED NOT IMPLEMENTED jguarin2002 1241d 15h /raytrac/branches/
245 Avances pequenos en los documentos jguarin2002 1254d 10h /raytrac/branches/
244 Changed the directory structure a little bit, there is now wide arith (which encapsulates in a single RTL 3 adders or 3 adders jguarin2002 1257d 08h /raytrac/branches/
243 The Registers BASE+1, BASE+2, BASE+3 are used now for debugging purposes jguarin2002 1257d 08h /raytrac/branches/
242 AS1 produced an unnoticed delay, the compiler geenerated an extra stage..... so a delay constant was added to sync this extra stage with the operation via ssync_chain jguarin2002 1257d 08h /raytrac/branches/
241 fmul32 x 6 multipliers wide jguarin2002 1258d 04h /raytrac/branches/
240 last minute correction jguarin2002 1258d 08h /raytrac/branches/
239 wide multiplicator added to avoid optimization jguarin2002 1258d 09h /raytrac/branches/
238 wide multiplicator added to avoid optimization jguarin2002 1258d 09h /raytrac/branches/

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