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24 add a readme file for patch usage xianfeng 1639d 21h /
23 add kernel patches for 2.6.35 and 2.6.36-rc3 xianfeng 1639d 21h /
22 change to use 4.2.2 to build our sd boot loader xianfeng 1714d 06h /
21 merge adv_debug_sys r33 that adds high_speed and with my ftdi xianfeng 1872d 15h /
20 add orpmon source. but it need to be ported to our project xianfeng 1900d 00h /
19 mount sd card passed but not good at data writing xianfeng 1900d 16h /
18 still working on sd card driver, mount failed xianfeng 1922d 15h /
17 Fix SD read error issue. mini SD should be ok, but we still the issue with 256MB SD card xianfeng 1922d 22h /
16 add a block driver to driver spiMaster. partiton fond, but panic xianfeng 1923d 03h /
15 move our code the opencores, and test passed xianfeng 1925d 14h /
14 create a folder to save the tags of trunk xianfeng 1925d 14h /
13 move to SA xianfeng 1925d 16h /
12 check-in SoC source xianfeng 1925d 20h /
11 add change log xianfeng 1925d 22h /
10 disable debug flag xianfeng 1925d 22h /
9 ethoc work xianfeng 1932d 23h /
8 tag for or32_unified_v2.3 patch xianfeng 1933d 00h /
7 merge linux_2.6.24_or32_unified_v2.3 patch xianfeng 1933d 00h /
6 create a dir to save our documents xianfeng 1934d 02h /
5 tag the orig linux 2.6.24 first xianfeng 1934d 02h /

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