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199 Update ChangeLog olivier.girard 71d 06h /
198 Update GDB-Proxy to support new GCC/GDB compiler version from RedHat/TI olivier.girard 71d 06h /
197 Fixed bug on the write strobe of the baudrate hi configuration register. olivier.girard 322d 05h /
196 Update ChangeLog olivier.girard 365d 05h /
195 Update HTML documentation with configurable number of IRQ option. olivier.girard 365d 05h /
194 Update PDF and ODT documentation. olivier.girard 365d 06h /
193 Update FPGA projects with latest core RTL changes. olivier.girard 365d 06h /
192 Number of supported IRQs is now configurable to 14 (default), 30 or 62. olivier.girard 365d 06h /
191 Update ChangeLog olivier.girard 505d 06h /
190 Remove dummy memory read access for CMP and BIT instructions. olivier.girard 505d 06h /
189 Update ChangeLog olivier.girard 517d 05h /
188 Add missing include commands for the define and undefine files in the wakeup_cell and in dbg_i2c. olivier.girard 517d 05h /
187 Update ChangeLog olivier.girard 618d 06h /
186 Fixed Hardware Multiplier byte operations bug:,assign,2247 olivier.girard 618d 06h /
185 Update Altera FPGA example bitstream (no functional change... only generated with a newer Quartus version) olivier.girard 619d 06h /
184 Fixed some project settings for newer Quartus version (12.1) olivier.girard 619d 06h /
183 Update ChangeLog olivier.girard 660d 04h /
182 Minor update to reflect new ASIC_CLOCKING option. olivier.girard 660d 04h /
181 Update with latest oMSP Core version. olivier.girard 660d 04h /
180 Add new ASIC_CLOCKING configuration option to allow ASIC implementations with FPGA clocking scheme.
Thanks to Sebastien Van Cauwenberghe's contribution :-)
olivier.girard 660d 04h /

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