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41 Added pre-adder to the accumulator to cut down critical timing path. edn_walter 1322d 11h /ha1588/trunk/
39 1. Added memory map and feature description.
2. Separated TX RX TSU register addresses.
edn_walter 1322d 15h /ha1588/trunk/
38 1. Redefined the memory map. See changes in reg.v and ptp_drv_bfm.c.
2. Added adj_done signal for CPU polling.
3. Making time_acc_modulo a constant = 256,000,000,000. No need to change it from software side.
edn_walter 1323d 12h /ha1588/trunk/
37 Timestamp format in the queue = null_16bit + timeStamp1s_48bit + timeStamp1ns_32bit + msgId_4bit + ckSum_12bit + seqId_16bit edn_walter 1323d 16h /ha1588/trunk/
36 TSU testbench is now self-checking. Test result is reported at end of simulation. edn_walter 1324d 11h /ha1588/trunk/
35 Added support for stacked MPLS UDP/IPv4/IPv6 PTP packets. edn_walter 1325d 10h /ha1588/trunk/
34 Added LGPL file header to all copyrighted files. edn_walter 1325d 12h /ha1588/trunk/
33 Redefined memory map. RTC and TSU now have separate address spans, can be easily divided into to independent modules. edn_walter 1325d 14h /ha1588/trunk/
32 Added PTP standard time format output to the top module. Can be connected to external modules. edn_walter 1325d 16h /ha1588/trunk/
31 Added hand-shaking for the TSU data reading. edn_walter 1326d 10h /ha1588/trunk/
30 Timestamp format in the queue = msgId_4bit + seqId_16bit + null_8bit + timeStamp1s_4bit + null_2bit + timeStamp1ns_30bit edn_walter 1326d 10h /ha1588/trunk/
29 Added multicycle timing constraint to ptp_parser.v, which works at data rate of (32bit * 4 gmii_clk cycle). Fmax can exceed 250MHz. edn_walter 1326d 10h /ha1588/trunk/
27 Added more bits to the TSU queue information, of which timestamp value is enlarged from 4s to 64s. edn_walter 1326d 16h /ha1588/trunk/
26 Updated test case. edn_walter 1328d 11h /ha1588/trunk/
25 Updated SOPC Builder component and example system. edn_walter 1329d 10h /ha1588/trunk/
24 Added test cases for top-level testbench to cover both RTC and TSU. edn_walter 1329d 11h /ha1588/trunk/
23 Added CDC hand-shaking for RTC time reading operation. edn_walter 1330d 05h /ha1588/trunk/
22 RTC reset will clear ACC counter, but not clear ACC counter incremental. edn_walter 1330d 09h /ha1588/trunk/
21 Added structure for top-level simulation. Systemverilog DPI will be used to emulate the SW operation of PTP application. edn_walter 1331d 06h /ha1588/trunk/
20 Added SOPC Builder Component and Instantiation Example. Follow rtl/sopc/ReadMe.txt to add IP Search Path to SOPC Builder. edn_walter 1335d 10h /ha1588/trunk/

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