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356 Rename eth_defines.v to ethmac_defines.v to fit better into OpenCores project structure olof 1183d 16h /ethmac/trunk/bench/
348 Added option to dump VCD files olof 1200d 14h /ethmac/trunk/bench/
346 Updated project location olof 1200d 17h /ethmac/trunk/bench/
345 Temporarily disable failing tests olof 1200d 19h /ethmac/trunk/bench/
344 bit 9 in phy control register is self clearing olof 1206d 21h /ethmac/trunk/bench/
343 Address miss should not be asserted on short frames olof 1210d 17h /ethmac/trunk/bench/
342 Added cast to avoid inequality when comparing different data types olof 1210d 17h /ethmac/trunk/bench/
338 root 2004d 20h /ethmac/trunk/bench/
335 New directory structure. root 2062d 01h /ethmac/trunk/bench/
334 Minor fixes for Icarus simulator. igorm 3510d 03h /ethmac/trunk/bench/
331 Tests for delayed CRC and defer indication added. igorm 3538d 22h /ethmac/trunk/bench/
318 Latest Ethernet IP core testbench. tadejm 3870d 19h /ethmac/trunk/bench/
315 Updated testbench. Some more testcases, some repaired. tadejm 3982d 22h /ethmac/trunk/bench/
302 mbist signals updated according to newest convention markom 4032d 03h /ethmac/trunk/bench/
299 Artisan RAMs added. mohor 4089d 23h /ethmac/trunk/bench/
286 Define file in eth_cop.v is changed to eth_defines.v. Some defines were
moved from tb_eth_defines.v to eth_defines.v.
mohor 4157d 23h /ethmac/trunk/bench/
281 Tests test_mac_full_duplex_receive 4-7 fixed to proper BD. mohor 4290d 19h /ethmac/trunk/bench/
279 Underrun test fixed. Many other tests fixed. mohor 4291d 21h /ethmac/trunk/bench/
274 Backup version. Not fully working. tadejm 4299d 15h /ethmac/trunk/bench/
267 Full duplex control frames tested. mohor 4355d 18h /ethmac/trunk/bench/

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