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20 Added old uploaded documents to new repository. root 2109d 11h /
19 Added old uploaded documents to new repository. root 2110d 03h /
18 New directory structure. root 2110d 03h /
17 The integration is half completed and the coding is 50%
completed for the search and sorting, the memory buffer
is implemented as a fixed 32k FIFO sliding window.
smallcode 3118d 23h /
16 Readability smallcode 3118d 23h /
15 Hash algorithm wrapper removed from the search/input processing file tom improve modularity nd functionality smallcode 3119d 01h /
14 4 byte buffer wrapper fr the hashing algorithm hash_table working
The search and store functions should be online in a day or two
smallcode 3130d 22h /
13 Hash key generating algorithm working, uses les resources and resource usage is
Number of Slices: 1
Number of 4 input LUTs: 1
Number of bonded IOBs: 46
If synthesised in a process the number of slices and LUT's used increases but the
number of IOB's decreases by 2 to 44
smallcode 3130d 22h /
12 Working combinitarioal hash key generator, improved speed and effiency smallcode 3139d 20h /
11 no message smallcode 3153d 00h /
10 No changes smallcode 3182d 03h /
9 Reduced resource usage, but while compiling using default constraints the xilinx ise is unable to
recognise the clock signal.
Uses 5 slices and 8 flipflops
smallcode 3182d 16h /
8 Using only the DJB2 algorithm, currently working on search and match for the data stream smallcode 3187d 23h /
7 Using only the DJB2 algorithm, uses a 112 slices with a max clock frequency of 37 Mhz smallcode 3187d 23h /
6 A few chages made to improve readability smallcode 3320d 08h /
5 Block for comparing hash cahins and finding matches smallcode 3320d 08h /
4 Modified to remove unused declarations to use std logic smallcode 3326d 08h /
3 This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create tag 'arelease'. 3328d 15h /
2 Hashing algorithms
smallcode 3328d 15h /
1 Standard project directories initialized by cvs2svn. 3328d 15h /

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