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# Usage:
# make -f Makefile.ghdl NLP=<num>
# where: <num> is the number of fully nested loops.
GHDLFLAGS=--ieee=synopsys -fexplicit --workdir=work
GHDLRUNFLAGS=--vcd=hwloop${NLP}.vcd --stop-time=10000ns
# Default target : elaborate
all : clean init run
# Elaborate target. Almost useless
elab : force
$(GHDL) -c $(GHDLFLAGS) -e hwloop_top_tb
# Run target
#run : force
# $(GHDL) -c $(GHDLFLAGS) -r system_top_tb $(GHDLRUNFLAGS)
run: force
$(GHDL) --elab-run $(GHDLFLAGS) hwloop_top_tb $(GHDLRUNFLAGS)
# Targets to analyze libraries
init: force
mkdir work
$(GHDL) -a $(GHDLFLAGS) ../../rtl/vhdl/mux2_1.vhd
$(GHDL) -a $(GHDLFLAGS) ../../rtl/vhdl/cmpeq.vhd
$(GHDL) -a $(GHDLFLAGS) ../../rtl/vhdl/reg_dw.vhd
# $(GHDL) -a $(GHDLFLAGS) ../../rtl/vhdl/fa.vhd
# $(GHDL) -a $(GHDLFLAGS) ../../rtl/vhdl/csa8.vhd
$(GHDL) -a $(GHDLFLAGS) ../../rtl/vhdl/add_dw.vhd
$(GHDL) -a $(GHDLFLAGS) ../../rtl/vhdl/prenc_loops${NLP}.vhd
$(GHDL) -a $(GHDLFLAGS) ../../rtl/vhdl/index_inc.vhd
$(GHDL) -a $(GHDLFLAGS) ../../rtl/vhdl/hw_loops${NLP}_top.vhd
$(GHDL) -a $(GHDLFLAGS) hw_loops${NLP}_top_tb.vhd
clean :
rm -rf *.o
rm -rf work

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