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FPGA Development board, with A3P1000 FPGA (Note: currently out-of-stock)

ORSoC has designed a development board for the OpenRISC processor. This board enables easy access to the OpenRISC platform and gives the designer a fast start. The board is shipped with a pre-defined System on Chip design and includes everything to have a CPU system up and running in no time.

The development kit includes the following:

•CPU board with preconfigured ACTEL ProASIC3 FPGA (A3P1000)
•Built-in FLASH based bootloader
•SPI FLASH with end application
•32 MByte SDRAM
•SD/MMC connector for high capacity FLASH storage (up to 2Gbyte)
•8 LED for debugging purposes
•10 pin header with two SPI channels
•JTAG configuration header
•Debug header with serial console and JTAG debug
•General purpose IO

The board is 75x50 mm and contains two 40-pin 2mm headers and a 10 pin header with power supply signals. The board has local DC/DC converters for all nescessary supplies and needs only 3.3V external supply. The board is intended to be placed on a carrier board which contains external connectors.

More information about this product is to be found at ORSoCs website,

Price: 149.00 € VAT excluded

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