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Name: ha1588
Created: Mar 6, 2012
Updated: Oct 20, 2014
SVN Updated: Jun 3, 2014
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Category: Communication controller
Language: Verilog
Development status: Beta
Additional info: Design done, Specification done
WishBone Compliant: Yes
License: LGPL




Hardware Assisted IEEE 1588 IP Core. The necessary FPGA logic to assist SW protocol stack in implementing the Precision Time Protocol (IEEE 1588-2008) on 1000M/100M/10M Ethernet networks. PTP packets transmitting and receiving should be implemented by PTP SW protocol stack (PTPd) with existing MAC function; This IP Core implements the Real-Time Clock (RTC) and Time Stamping (TSU) of PTP event packets.

Feature Description

RTC: Real Time Clock.
* Standard PTP clock output with 2^48s and 2^32ns time format.
* 1PPS output for clock accuracy measurement.
* Tunable accumulator based clock with 2^-8ns time resolution and 2^-32ns period resolution.
** Direct time write, with 2^-8ns resolution.
** Direct frequency write, with 2^-32ns resolution.
** Timed temporary time adjustment, with 2^-8ns resolution and 32bit timer.
* Variable input clock frequency.
* Clock Domain Crossing hand-shaking, for SW read and write access.

TSU: Time Stamping Unit.
* Two-Step PTP operation.
* GMII/MII interface monitor with line-speed PTP packet parsing.
* Variety of PTP packet formats supported.
** Layer2 IEEE 802.3 PTP packet, with stacked VLAN tags.
** Layer4 IPv4/UDP and IPv6/UDP PTP packet, with stacked VLAN tags and/or stacked MPLS labels.
* Configurable 8bit one-hot mask to selectively timestamp PTP event packet based on message type value.
** mask bit 0: Sync
** mask bit 1: Delay_Req
** mask bit 2: Pdelay_Req
** mask bit 3: Pdelay_Resp
** mask bit 4 to 7: Reserved for future PTP event message types
* 32bit packet parser datapath for easier timing closure.
* 15-entry timestamp queue.
* 128bit timestamp format.
** 16bit extra information.
** 80bit timestamp.
** 32bit packet identity data.

SystemVerilog DPI based simulation environment is included for SW driver development and co-simulation.
(sim/top/ptp_drv_bfm/ptp_drv_bfm.c) (sim/top/ptp_drv_bfm/ptp_drv_bfm.v)

PCAP file based stimulus input is included for verification with real-world traffic.
(sim/top/nic_drv_bfm/ptpdv2_tx.pcap) (sim/top/nic_drv_bfm/ptpdv2_rx.pcap)

The IP Core can be used as an IP Component in Altera Qsys, Xilinx XPS or WishBone.
(rtl/bus/qsys) (rtl/bus/xps/pcores) (rtl/bus/wishbone)

The only FPGA vendor dependent module is the timestamp queue. Both Altera and Xilinx's DCFIFOs are provided in the PAR folder.
(par/altera/ip/dcfifo_128b_16.v) (par/xilinx/ip/dcfifo_128b_16.v)

Bonus Tool

A tool to analyze the transaction timing of captured PTPv2 packets. The tool is written and run in Scilab. The captured PTPv2 packets are results of running PTPdv2 between two PCs.

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